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Elder Scrolls Online is one of the hottest MMORPG games to be released in 2014, made by the same developers from the award winning Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Oblivion games.
With 5 years of development, 3 of which were done under top secret, Bethesda Softworks has joined up with ZeniMax Online Media to create one of the most advanced, highly detailed and graphical MMO games of the century. ESO is rumoured to have a $200 Million budget, which would put the game joint second with Star Wars: The Old Republic, just under GTA:V for the most expensive video game made to date.
Elder Scrolls Online is due to be released Worldwide on PC and Mac in June 2014 and then August 2014 on the next generation consoles PS4 and XboxOne -so whichever type of gamer you are, you'll be able to explore the incredible world of Tamriel with thousands of others players.
Players will have the chance to make and play their character within one of the three alliances: Aldermi Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant or the Ebonheart Pact and can choose one of 10 Races including: Imperial, Altmer (high elf), Bosmer (wood elf), Khajiit, Breton, Redguard, Orc, Nord, Dark Elf, or as an Argonian. All 3 Alliances have their own terriority areas within Tamriel and are at war with each other and Cyrodill to see who will be honourable enough to capture the Imperial City and the White Gold Tower. Come and chat in our Elder Scrolls Online forums and let us know which race your playing as and what activities you can't wait to do inside Tamriel.

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