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I would like to wish everyone who's taken part in ESOHut, whether it be the Blog or Forums a very Happy New Year indeed!
In this weeks discussion, it's all about the differences between WoW and ESO in regards to Factions and Races, probably 2 of the most hardest set of decisions you'll be making just before you virtually arrive in Tamriel
In this blog post, were talking about PvP. Now, originally I was going to combine PvP and Questing together, because lets face it
Welcome to Part 2 of our Elder Scrolls Online vs World of Warcraft Blog series! In this episode it's all about Combat within the virtual world as well as the combat system itself.
As a long standing player of World of Warcraft, literally since the first few weeks it was released, plus it was the fist real MMORPG game that I had ever played and it got me hooked from level 1
Today isn't a good day... It's a great day! Want to know why? Bethesda and ZeniMax Online have finally given us an Official release date for ESO!
The Elder Scrolls Online is gaining massive attention these days from a lot of different resources revenues. The new age gaming concept and formulas within the game's mechanics have already been awarded by many of the top…
What place in History is reserved for Elder Scrolls online within the time line of the entire Elders Scrolls series?
The popularity of Elder Scrolls Online is known world wide. And, ZeniMax Online Studios is leaving no stone unturned to cash in on the huge potential that lies ahead with their mega release of possibly the next big MMO of…
Bethesda have recently released an Interactive World Map on their site, with the areas of all 3 Alliances marked out and Lore information, history and small background stories to each part
This is no more a myth, it has now become 100% official that Bethesda has joined hands with ZeniMax. This is to turn the Tamriel world to virtual online world so that players can enjoy any one among the three alliances.
Elder Scrolls Online, an MMORPG is in news for its release in the current year. This game has been designed with a theme of Elder Scrolls RPG action- single player games.
A lot of gamers are already skeptical about the yet to be released game The Elder Scrolls Online, as it is the first video game in the popular series to be transformed into an MMO.
Maybe it's time that you got a closer look at the attributes and creation of the Clannfear, an aggressive Daedra that you’ll encounter in The Elder Scrolls Online.
This is what us fans love to see - new armor, weapons or items that we can expect to see in the game.
During an Interview with Matt Firor, he started to mention about ZeniMax's idea of how players will interact with the game over a 5 year period.
Bethesda and ZeniMax have released out their list of Available Animated Emote's that will be available in game from launch.
We have been informed from reading a transcript from an interview between another fan site and the Lead Developer Matt Frior at Gamescom that Bethesda and ZeniMax have now chosen their method
Yes, it's another week again and another week closer to the release of ESO! It's that time for the Question of the Week and this time it's something really hard to think up an answer!
Well, there's a lot been going on in the world of Elder Scrolls Online the past few weeks, which just makes us that much more excited for the release of the game!
David Zeb Cook, a Content Designer for ZeniMax Online studios is here to ask us this week's mysteriously exciting question of the week!
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Joe Lopatta presents this Weeks Developer Question of the Week - He is a Figure Art Intern within the team. His question is all about the Elder Scrolls series in general and where it all began for you...
ZeniMax and Bethesda have been listening to their fans questions and came up with a bunch of Answers all about Dungeons within the Elder Scrolls Online Game.
Another week... Another question for you guys! Brandon Van Haren, design intern at ZeniMax has this weeks Developer Question of the week.
Justin Emminizer, a Senior QA Tester for ZeniMax Online is here to give us this weeks developer question of the week.
Rosemarie Ryan, the Global Training Manager of ZeniMax Studios Ireland asks this weeks question
Another week has passed and the Elder Scrolls Online team have another question for us! Will Brall, a Senior Web Developer at ZeniMaz Online has asked us this question
ZeniMax has recently announced that another batch of Beta Invites have been sent out!

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