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Bethesda has confirmed today (in a shocking discovery if I may say as I never thought it would of happened) that Elder Scrolls Online will be made available to play on the next generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
So, after much talk about the Elder Scrolls Online, many fans having been having their own say on what they would like to see in ESO and what would make it an epic MMORPG to beat the other big MMO's out in the gaming world…
Were here today to talk about the features that we can expect to see within the new Elder Scrolls Online Game.
The Wamasu is a rare creature that has been hardly talked about in the lore books, only as a rare legendary creature that no man has been left standing when one is around.
Here we take a look into How anyone can start Gathering straight away within the Elder Scrolls Online and how general items in the world which are free to take are used to combine into other more useful items.
Bethesda has added some new items to their Online Merchandise shop (and we hope they have a lot more to come in regards to collectibles and figurines).
War within the Elder Scrolls Online has spread like wild fire and continued across the lands of Cyrodil in which the 3 factions fight endlessly to the death to gain control over the available keeps, towns and resources
A tiny selection of Beta Testers were selected for March and April, however don't be disheartened if you wasn't selected as this was only a very small group of family/friends and a select group of the public who registered…
ESO have confirmed that they will be attending this years Gamescom, their first event in Europe so far. Gamescom is to be hosted in Germany between 22nd August and 25th August 2013.

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