Elder Scrolls Online vs World of Warcraft

So... apart from choosing which Alliance and Race for your player, the Class is going to be the next biggest decision for your characters creation and will determine what kind of role that fits your play style the most.
In this weeks discussion, it's all about the differences between WoW and ESO in regards to Factions and Races, probably 2 of the most hardest set of decisions you'll be making just before you virtually arrive in Tamriel
In this blog post, were talking about PvP. Now, originally I was going to combine PvP and Questing together, because lets face it
Welcome to Part 2 of our Elder Scrolls Online vs World of Warcraft Blog series! In this episode it's all about Combat within the virtual world as well as the combat system itself.
As a long standing player of World of Warcraft, literally since the first few weeks it was released, plus it was the fist real MMORPG game that I had ever played and it got me hooked from level 1

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