About ESO: Siege Weapons and PvP Vehicles

The most important aspect of the ESO game play is the Alliance War. Each player would strive to take control of the ruby throne and take the seat of an emperor. The alliance needs to control everything around the city in order to achieve this feat, and siege weaponry is a great help in this task.

The various types of Siege weaponry are as under:

  • Battering Ram – Sadly, this cannot be of any use against other players and can be used only against doors and gates. It is suggested that it should be used near the gates as it moves real slow. Your allies need to jump into it in order to help you. The maximum number of players inside ram can be 6 only. You cannot deploy more than 1 ram near a single gate.
  • Trebuchets – These work superbly against the walls, doors and enemies. It only requires one player
  • Catapults – Catapults are worth using against the walls and doors though its highly recommended that these should be used against enemies. They come in various versions such as disease ones, burning ones or snaring them.
  • Ballista – This works most effectively on other siege weapons though it can be used against any player and also any object.
  • Flaming Oil – Oil is used against enemies once they have destroyed the doors.

Where to get Siege Weaponry?

Gold is the currency which you would be using to deal in Siege Weaponry. You would need to visit the starting zone in Cyrodill and hunt for the merchant who would sell these weapons. You can use alliance points too for the transaction


The purchased weapons would be placed in your inventory automatically once you buy it. Once you place the machine in quick slots, you can use the equipment in the battle. Once you go to the inventory, choose the weapon, Hold the button “Q” and it will show the circle depicting the quick slot. Then you would need to drag and drop your weapons there and use “Q” button to deploy it.


The enemy can destroy and harm your weapons. The health of your weapon is shown in the bar on the screen. You would need to buy a health kit from the merchant in order to repair it. You can also repair your doors and walls by using special repairing kit. This helps the enemies stay out   Tips 1 Siege Machine is a great advantage if you think of helping your allies in the Alliance war. This will help you get an edge over the enemies Machines can be used for aggressive attacking.. You should destroy the doors and walls as soon as possible to create maximum damage to the enemy.

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