Achievement Naming Contest – Win a Free Imperial Digital Copy


Our friends over at ElderScrollsOnlineClasses.Org are holding a great contest which gives 6 lucky winners the chance of grabbing a prize, including a digital copy of Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition and 5 other runner up prize worth over $225!

Win a Digital Imperial Edition Copy of ESO!

Imperial Edition


The Contest Is Easy…

“If you had a way of awarding yourself, your friends or even your enemies an achievement, what would it be called and what are the special conditions needed to attain it?”

Head over to ElderScrollsOnlineClasses.Org now to Enter this Contest!



2 Responses to Achievement Naming Contest – Win a Free Imperial Digital Copy

  1. Eden says:

    Achievement Unlockd: Gluttonous

    “Consume enough food to restore your health bar by 1000%”

  2. Jay wilson says:

    Achievement Unlocked: Coup d’état
    Capture all 6 enemy holds surrounding Cyradiil in succession
    This would need to be accomplished only by Capturing several keeps simultaneously, and all keeps would need to be previously controlled by an opposing faction

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