Activities for Adventurers

I'm sure that all enthusiastic adventurers just can't wait to get into the new virtual world in the Elder Scrolls Online. But once we step inside the boots of our characters, what is there for us to actually do? We've compiled a list of the main events which we can all look forward to doing, or maybe even deciding what to do first!

Story Line Questing

A huge story line awaits each of us, all starting out in a similar manner with our soul being stolen by the evil Prince Molag Bol, but then branching out into a multitude of activities, goals and missions depending upon your players main chosen Alliance. Many of the story line quests will be lending a hand to hundreds of NPC characters who need your help in completing many different goals.

Extra Quests

As well as the main story line, there's still a heap more of side quests available to everyone and at an abundance of locations throughout Tamriel. These can be find by talking NPC's, chatting to the folks in the Inn's and Tavern's, finding Notes and Books and collecting hidden objects that give clues about a rare artifact or treasure (most probably within a Dungeon). These can be completed generally in any order and aren't directly affected with any of the main story line quests.


Bethesda and ZeniMax are pushing player exploration to the max. They don't want you to be afraid to go to new places or roam the lands as you please. There's actually a whole bunch of wonderfully crafted scenes and landscapes to find and view as you travel from mountain to mountain and town to town. Exploration is well rewarded by random Sky Shards being placed in remote locations that encourage adventuring. These Sky Shards, once you've obtained 3, will give the option of adding another skill point into your class talent tree - So if you explore a lot you could end up being a lot better skilled than a higher level person with less obtained skill points.


Guilds from the previous Elder Scrolls Games are included in ESO, with currently the Mages' Guild and Fighters Guild confirmed. Who will know about the Dark Brotherhood eh? Players can also form their own Guilds and have the option to use Guild banks and other features which are shared with the rest of your crew. The great thing about Guilds is that you can be in up to 5 at any one time, this includes both NPC and player made ones.


At launch there are 16 instanced dungeons that will be available to every explorer who dares enter them. Although, these are all made for different level characters, so just be cautious of which one you enter unless you wish to face a brutal death. These 16 dungeons are private, which means that you have to get your group together first and then when you enter, the server will create a private instance which only your group will be in. However, there's also dozens of other Public Dungeons that range from 1 to 4 players. These range from derelict buildings, tombs, ruins, fort and heaps of other locations which have bosses and rare loot but are open to everyone as they aren't instanced. But don't worry, the loot and bosses inside will re-spawn so if someone beats you to it just come back a little later.

Crafting The Elder Scrolls team seem to have made Crafting a thing that everyone can do and should do. There's hundreds of ingredient type items within the world and it's highly encouraged to a save your ingredients which you've looted or *cough* stolen from a crate or barrel *cough* and use it to craft something, even if you don't use it yourself you can sell it on - at least this way you can keep your crafting skills up to scratch ready for when you want to make an epic sword or some fine piece of armor.


Player vs Player battles are going to be a major part of life within the Elder Scrolls Online. Once your character has reached level 10, you will be eligible to join in with main PvP activities. However, you should still be aware of the way the world map is torn between the 3 factions. Each of them have their own part of the map, with Cyrodill and the Imperial City smack bang in the middle. Cyrodill is the PvP battlegrounds within the game, with the whole objective being to take over the city and crowning one of your own the new Queen or King of Tamriel.

However, to gain control of the city your Alliance also needs to control a percentage of the surrounding Lumber Mills, Mines, Farms and other notable buildings in order to gain enough power and gold to fund the take over. Unlike other MMO games, PvP matches aren't quick 20 minute instanced games. In ESO PvP could last days or weeks before a victory is claimed.

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