ArcheAge - 4 Reasons to Play

Hello guys! Elder Scrolls Online is a great game and has a lot of fans. Personally I like it and continue playing but today I am going to tell you some words about amazing MMO called ArcheAge. On my opinion this game is worth playing and there are several reasons to try it.


The first reason is of course graphics. Everybody forms his first opinion about the game according to graphics. And you know what, I think ArcheAge has the most beautiful world I have ever seen. The world is amazing and if you have top PC you will be able to admire beautiful sights. The game uses CryEngine 3 and that’s why the world is so beautiful. Of course system requirements are not low. You will need strong PC to be able to maximize graphic settings.

If you have good CPU and graphic card you will be surprised. It’s great that the game also playable on average computers. Just lower the settings and you will be able to play without lags. My PC is not very strong and I prefer to set up average settings in order to play ArcheAge without lags. When I switch settings to highest the world becomes amazing but my PC can’t afford it.


The second reason to try the game is gameplay. ArcheAge is a huge sandbox. You are free to do what you want. There are many things to do: questing, having fun in open world PvP, participating in battlegrounds, crafting, trading, sea traveling and sea battles, piracy and many other interesting things to do. The world is huge and offers player many different activities.


The third reason to play ArcheAge is piracy. Yes, I believe it’s the first MMO where piracy has sense. It’s based on trading. When player creates a tradepack he must deliver it to a special buyer ststion. If the buyer is not far, trader will not get a lot of money. But if the buying station is situated far from you you will be rewarded with good money. The most profitable way is to sell tradepacks on the other island. So you will need a ship and you will have to cross the sea. That’s where you can be attacked by pirates (or where you can attack and rob other players).

Pirates may rob players and take their trade packages. It’s very funny to be pirate and to rob others. Crafting The fourth reason to download the game is crafting. Crafting in ArcheAge is huge and there are 20 professions. The greatest thing is that each player can grow different plants and gather crops. For example if you need lumber you have 2 options: you can go and search for a tree of you can plant a tree yourself. It will take time for the tree to grow but after it’s ready you can cut it and gather lumber you need. This system is amazing because in most MMO games crafting is based on gathering. ArcheAge allows you to grow a lot of ingredients yourself. ArcheAge is a very interesting game with a lot of new features. It’s better to try the game yourself if you are interested. Hope you will also like it.

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