Black Desert – Amazing Online Game

MMO Market is growing fast and different game developers announce different titles. Korean games attract more and more attention. For example ArcheAge is in open beta now and will soon be released. But there is one MMO title which is even more interesting than ArcheAge – I am talking about Black Desert Online (

This game is really cool guys and this article will tell you most interesting facts about it. When I saw the first video about Black Desert I was very impressed. My first thoughts: “Elder Scrolls Online should look like this” The world is very big and without loading screens. All objects in the game are big enough and there are no small buildings and trees. Hills are high and in general this game looks very similar to Skyrim. Yes guys, it looks like you are traveling in Skyrim. Of course this is only about world and traveling. Gamplay and fights are different. Fights are very fast and there are a lot of different “Korean” features there. I am sure not all players will like combat because of these effects.

Developers paid attention to details: for example when you travel in the world the weather changes. Weather affects appearance of your characters. If it is raining your gear becomes wet and you can see it! Gray color becomes darker and all appearance of your character tells that he was caught by the rain. It’s interesting that the rain moves from one part of the map to the other. In most MMO games rain or snow occurs on the specific territory and doesn’t move. But Black Desert has great weather system. All weather effects like rains, storms, sand or snow storms can move from one location to another!

Class system is unusual: classes are bounded to races and to gender. For example male fighter with sword and shield has special skills and abilities which differ from female character with this weapon. It’s very unusual system and developers may change it in future. Who knows… Anyway classes are different. There are no dedicated healers and buffers. All classes can survive using their own forces. There are no strict specializations and roles in the group but some classes are better for defending allies and some are better for attacking enemies and have less protection. For example Warrior class has a very cool feature: multiple warriors can stand next to each other holding a “shield wall”. This is the most effective tactics for protecting allies in PvP. Other classes can’t participate in shield wall.

There are houses in the game but players can’t build their own houses. You can only rent it. House plays very important role in economy. You can place different crafting stations there or even hire a special NPC that will work as a merchant selling your staff to other players. Yes guys, it’s possible to open your own store where other players can buy items you craft! In general Black Desert Online looks very attractive. I think it will catch attention of many MMO fans. The game will be released in many countries including European and USA.

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