Elder Scrolls Online Developer Q&A - Week 27 - What Makes You Immersed Into a Game World?

Another week has passed and the Elder Scrolls Online team have another question for us! Will Brall, a Senior Web Developer at ZeniMaz Online has asked us this question: "Immersing you completely in Tamriel is something with strive for at the ESO studio, What gets you immersed into a game world?"

Here's a few Answers of our own that we've come up with:

Scenery / Detailing Within The World

No.1 on the list has to be the actual virtual world that we live in, the scenery, the graphical elements, the realism of how everything looks which gets us even more engaged into a game. Who doesn't love adventuring around the world, finding beautiful landscapes and views that surround our characters with lush green foliage, trees swaying in the wind and a long distance view of the terrain, cities and ruins ahead. To see it is to believe it and from the past Elder Scrolls games, Bethesda has ticked all the right boxes so far. I know there's been plenty of types I've stopped what I've been doing in game to admire the detailed scenarios around me and even take a cheeky screenshot of the views that my character gets to enjoy.

A Living Virtual World

This ranges from animals, critters and pets roaming free within the world and buildings as well as NPC characters actually living out their lives too. Not just standing in the same spot 24/7 but actually moving around their house, taking trips to the shops, collecting firewood from outside and even sitting down by the fire eating their freshly made mud-crab stew. This lacks dramatically in other MMO's, yet Elder Scrolls do a great job of this, especially if you've played Skyrim you will know how 'alive' the cities and towns feel. We hope they continue this within the Online version of the game!


This is a big thing for me personally, I love an MMO that has a realistic economy with trading areas, auction houses and even when players can set up their own stalls to sell their goods. Gatherers can sell their finds, Crafters can buy the parts they need to make epic armor and weapons to use themselves or sell on for profit. Alchemists can re-sell their potions and Cooks can sell on their food and drink - after all, no one wants their player to get hungry ;-)

World PvP

Many people hate hate hate PvP in games where you have to go to a battlegrounds or certain area to be able to fight against the other opposing factions or alliances within the MMO. However, PvP should be allowed anywhere, anytime. If a group of another alliance members come over to your territory and home land then you should be able to fight them off and vice versa. We want an MMO where we can group up with our friends, guild members and other random players at any time, call people to your group from within the cities and form a raid group which you can then all go and infiltrate another alliances land, city, town or resource item. This is realism at it's best! So, know you've read about our ideas for making a game immersive to the player, which one's your favorite in an MMO? Do you have your own ideas and opinions on what makes an RPG more real and immersive to the player?

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