Elder Scrolls Online - First Impressions (Part Two)

Right, first things first, the big question on everyone's lips, is ESO as good as the hype? In a word, yes. Having played the game I can safely say that this is easily the best MMO I've played in a long time. The developers have taken the very successful formula of the Elder Scrolls series and combined the whole lot together in one huge game, and it works. Fans of the Elder Scrolls series will notice that one could easily be mistaken for playing Oblivion or Skyrim by the atmosphere and tone of the game.

The developers, one notices, didn't want to venture too far from the tried and tested and kept the game much the same, even though it's actually set 1000's of years prior to it's predecessor - it even starts off with the main character (yourself) in prison and trying to make an escape, just like the other Elder Scrolls games.

The world of Tamriel

When you start playing the game, you realize the developers have designed the game really cleverly. You can either play the game and do your missions with minimal contact with other online players or play and interact with other players. Either way, there's something here for everyone, the lonesome player or the socialite. The world itself is just stunning. From rugged mountain ranges to beautiful lush blooms and waterfalls all make you want to run around exploring the seemingly endless, breathing, living landscapes. You must be on your guard though, venture too far on higher-level areas will see you tangled in combat with a creature that's many levels above you and an inevitable death resulting in your character re-spawning many miles away at a Wayshrine. This can be avoided however, by carrying a full Soul Gem (more on that in a later issue)

Level Up

Leveling up awards you skill points for you to distribute the way you feel best, which is great. Other items you carry will also increase in level automatically the more you use them. You also find that enemy creatures keep re-spawning too, helping those who are hell bent on leveling up to do so by repeatedly killing them. Leveling up seems to happen quite quickly, depending on what you spend your time on doing. Taking up quests and completing them, killing creatures along the way is the quickest way to go up through the ranks. Although it must be said, getting to level 5 is pretty quick. Level 5-10 seems to take longer. This can seem especially long when your desperately trying to get to level 10 so you can unlock the PvP area (Cyrodiil)


PvP in ESO is promising to be a huge affair. Let me take you through some figures. The PvP area which is the city of Cyrodiil can hold up to 2000 players at a time. 200 people will be battling all at once on your screen. There's 16 keeps in the city for you to storm and defend and six Elder Scrolls to capture and bring back to your own keep.

The principal here is to successfully attack a keep, take control of it and then ward of attacks from other factions. This will be a permanently ongoing thing. Attacking and taking a keep is one thing, keeping hold of it will be quite another. Trebuchets, catapults and ballistas are a few of the many machines you will have at your disposal in order to attack keeps. Different players in your faction will have different roles, from players repair the damage to the keep to healer constantly healing the wounded fighters, and then the fighters themselves who will be on the front line defending the keep. Elder Scrolls Online will be released on 04/04/2014 on PC and 06/06/14 on console. With access to the game from 30/03/14 as long as you pre-order the game

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