Elder Scrolls Online IMPERIAL EDITION Exclusive Game Play Video

Good day fellow adventurers! Its Johnny here and I've been busy creating this game play footage video for you. At the moment, there's loads of talk about the Imperial Edition of the game in which you get to play a character in the Imperial race, getting also to choose whichever class you wish. As well as that there's the Imperial Horse mount, Imperial Armor and Weapon crafting, Vanity pet, Treasure maps and some other cool extras that you wouldn't get in the normal edition of the game.

In the footage you will see my Imperial character and his spells and abilities killing mobs and completing a few quests etc. As a little added bonus, there's also some footage of my Breton DragonKnight attempting to enter Cyrodiil and do some PvP - although, Im only level 10 so give me some credit for the attempt lol! When watching, make sure you crank the video settings up to HD! Enjoy and as always, leave a comment for us on YouTube or below or at our Forums

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