Elder Scrolls Online: Know About Its Crafting

Elder Scrolls Online, an MMORPG is in news for its release in the current year. This game has been designed with a theme of Elder Scrolls RPG action- single player games. Though this game is not altering the traditional laws of MMOs, you can still find certain improvements in major aspects including crafting of game.

Crafting essentials

To start with the crafting essentials, TESO has five different crafting skills namely Alchemy, Armorsmith, Enchanting, Provisioner and Weaponsmith. Whatever you need in the will be covered by all these professions. Each player will be assigned with few skill points to be divided among crafting skills according to his/her priority. Players can spend their given skill points among multiple skills in order to turn out into general crafters, there is another option available for them too. Players can choose all the points for one profession only; this will help them to be known as Master Crafter. When you reach a point of Master Crafter you can create appropriate items for any crafting skills.

ESO crafting was not just designed to get money; it was also launched to create few decent items. This will help crafters to make good gears similar to PvE and PvP loot.

How is crafting done?

If you want to craft any item, you must be having two basic materials. This step is the beginning point of complications, however it isn't that bad. TESO system requires player to test with different materials, this is the reason behind applying additives on the items. One can use maximum of 3 additives, along with various combinations for each item. This will help you in creating unique items which you can share and trade too. Basically, there are two material slots for crafting interface, one for primary material, other for secondary material; and 3 for additives.

Items that have been looted can be applied with additives to enhance the current stats. You can create armor and weapons in racial style as well. Nonetheless, you can learn different styles as hinted by the TESO devs and apply them to change the look of any item. According to the skills of players, they can craft items in special places too. Weaponsmith and Armorsmith will need forge and anvil, while Provisioners will require campfire or fire. On the other hand, Alchemists can craft in laboratory, and a special table is needed for Enchanters.


Similar to other TESO systems, even crafting wants its players to interact. Improving as a crafter will bring lot of fun, it gives you challenges too, and if you perform well you can get the right satisfaction. In addition to this, crafters can create unique items of same quality with PvP loot and dungeon which plays a vital role in the economy of the game.

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