Elder Scrolls Online vs World of Warcraft – Part 4 (Factions/Alliances and Races)

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Elder Scrolls Online vs World of Warcraft



Welcome back to Part 4 of this Elder Scrolls Online vs World of Warcraft blog series – the first one of 2014!

In this weeks discussion, it’s all about the differences between WoW and ESO in regards to Factions and Races, probably 2 of the most hardest set of decisions you’ll be making just before you virtually arrive in Tamriel, well except for thinking up your characters username which hasn’t already been taken obviously :P


Factions vs Alliances

Let’s not get confused here, Factions and Alliances are both the same thing when we talk about these 2 MMO’s, the developers just named them differently.
World of Warcraft – Factions
Consisting of the Horde and the Alliance. The Alliance is known to be the good guys, and the Horde are classed as the bad guys, but to be fair to them both and if you play both story lines, they both have reasons for their cause and have their own beliefs for which they fight for.
All of the 13 playable Races are limited and only playable by their certain Faction, for example Orcs, Trolls and Tauren are Horde only and Humans, Gnomes and Dwarves are Alliance only.

Elder Scrolls Online – Alliances
ESO has gone that little bit further, with 3 Alliances to choose from, each one with their own unique story line behind them and objectives within the world of Tamriel which they wish to complete, with your help.
The 3 Alliances consist of: The Ebonheart Pact, The Daggerfall Covenant and The Aldmeri Dominion. Pretty big Alliance names (compared to Ally or Horde in WoW) to try and remember, but they will probably just get shortened to EP, DC and AD upon launch and as the General chat gets flowing in game. Maybe we can be the first to start abbreviating these eh? Hehehe.

For more detailed information on the Elder Scrolls Online Alliances - Click here for the Wiki page.



Firstly, when it comes to Races, I have to say fair play to Blizzard, with there being a massive 13 to choose from!
Fair enough, they never had this many at vanilla launch, but they’ve grown this number steadily and it’s helped give players a reason to replay and re role a new character. Now compare that to ESO with only 9 Races on launch, and only 3 of those per Alliance to pick from it doesn’t sound a lot. But then again, what other Races would you want to be playable from the Elder Scrolls series? Maybe a Dragonborn Race, Vampire, Werewolf? We will have to wait and see if we get any extras as the game progresses and extra content gets released after launch.


World of Warcraft Alliance -

  • Worgen
  • Dranei
  • Dwarf
  • Gnome
  • Human
  • Night Elf


World of Warcraft Alliance/Horde -

  • Pandaren


World of Warcraft Horde  -

  • Goblin
  • Blood Elf
  • Orc
  • Tauren
  • Troll
  • Undead


World of Warcraft Races

World of Warcraft Races


Elder Scrolls Online Daggerfall Covenant -
The High King wants nothing more than to take over the Imperial City and to finally be in control of the Economy and trade districts, all to make a pretty profit for his Alliance of course.


  • Breton
  • RedGuard
  • Orc


Elder Scrolls Online Aldmeri Dominion -
They wish to create a new stable government and return the Second Empire back to Tamriel. With a hope of reclaiming the Imperial City and Ruby Throne as their own, being as it was made by their Ancestors so by right in their minds it belongs to them.

  • High Elf
  • Wood Elf
  • Khajiit


Elder Scrolls Online EbonHeart Pact -
They plan to defeat the Empire altogether and independently run their territory outside of Cyrodil’s control and laws.

  • Nord
  • Dark Elf
  • Argonian


Elder Scrolls Online Races

Elder Scrolls Online Races


By looking at the way the Elder Scrolls races are split, The Daggerfall Covenant sounds like a mean bunch to watch out for, having a lot of big and brutal melee based races together, Aldmeri Dominion a mix of stealth, magic and rogues and The EbonHeart Pact again with a mix of abilities at their disposal.


Race/Faction Territory

In WoW, the starting areas are split between each Race and with most of them you start in that races home land area where it’s kind of a tutorial area that will teach you the ropes and plenty of quests to get you from level 1 to around level 10, which then get moved on to another area which is occupied by players from other races in your faction as well.

There are faction specific areas, camps and dungeons dotted around the whole area of Azeroth, mainly a mix of  Horde areas and Alliance areas, with a small minority being mixed, where they can quest and adventure in peace and without risk of being attacked in PvP (unless on a PvP server of-course). Then each Faction has 2 major cities in which they are free to roam and trade and shop with every other race in their faction.

Territory in Elder Scrolls Online is a lot more easier to understand and know where is good or bad to travel too.
The Daggerfall Covenant is located North-West, EbonHeart at North-East and The Aldmeri Dominion down South. With the center of the map (Cyrodiil) being the main PvP area which consists of many other small villages, towns and resource buildings, as well as the Imperial City which every Alliance is trying to fight for control over.


Interactive Map of Tamriel

Have you thought of a user name yet?

So now all you need to do is a have a little think of which Faction you wish to join and fight for, which Race you like the look of and then think of an amazing user name for your character to match it!

Iona Lute, Maximus Fatalot, Iama Elf-Slayer, Ikill Orcsies…

Ok ok, so I’m no good with these names. But let me know some of yours in the comments below!

3 Responses to Elder Scrolls Online vs World of Warcraft – Part 4 (Factions/Alliances and Races)

  1. Roger says:

    After reading this, I am not thrilled with the way you explained the alliance/race set up at all. I was afraid they would do something similar to WoW. Unless you were talking strictly about pvp.
    I think you should be able to choose the race of your liking, and your class, then as you play, you decide which faction you would like to join sides with, based on story line you are following. Much like the way Skyrim was done. You could choose any race, then decide later which side you were fighting for. It shouldn’t be limited by race.
    From the way you posted, it sounds just like WoW, they are limiting the races by faction choice. I absolutely HATE that idea. What if I was an Orc that decided the rest of my brethren were wrong in their beliefs because of evidence I found in a dungeon, and I decided to join forces with the other faction that I believed to be the correct choice for the greater good?
    I think the same should go for classes. Do not limit the classes by race either. That is just stupid. It should be just like real life, any race could have any skills and abilities, or have any type of career. It shouldn’t be limited at all.
    Maybe ESO could create a system, kind of like that from Champions of Norrath, a point system for traits such as strength, agility, constitution, dexterity, intelligence, charisma, wisdom, etc. and you choose which traits to distribute points to. Then as you go up levels, you are awarded more points to distribute.
    Much like the skill system from Skyrim. Those that are gained by using skills, such as blacksmithing, enchanting, sneak, etc.
    They could also award bonus points for certain traits at character creation. Such as a more muscular build would gain more strength points, but maybe lose stealth points. Whereas a thin, athletic build may be more agile and dexterous, gaining more stealth and lock picking points. Which could also mean that a fatter person may lose some agility and dexterity. Or a very thin, small person would not be as strong, but could sneak and hide in shadows well. Or an attractive person may gain points in charisma, gaining more followers. An older person might have more intelligence and wisdom. Or reading a lot of books could raise intellect and wisdom. You see where I am going with this?
    Just like real life, anyone could be whatever they wanted as long as they used their traits and applied their skills accordingly.

    • Dalamus Ulom says:

      if you pre-order, you can choose any species with any faction, so you can be a Nord with the Aldmeri Dominion, etc.

  2. Link says:

    There are no set classes in ESO, Bethesda has already confirmed this fact, and being set well before the base games in the Elder Scrolls series, the races were still considered to be pretty loyal to their brethren (racism abounds). Bethesda has also made it clear the Imperial race will not have an Alliance and are free to choose sides.

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