Elder Scrolls Online vs World of Warcraft - Part 5 (Classes)

So... apart from choosing which Alliance and Race for your player, the Class is going to be the next biggest decision for your characters creation and will determine what kind of role that fits your play style the most. If your looking to be the best at one certain aspect such as pure DPS, tough-nut tanking or by having the most powerful restoration spells in the game then you need to choose wisely. On the other hand, if your not too fussed and just want to be a hybrid and have a little bit of all 3 at your disposal, then there's no need to worry to much.

World of Warcraft Classes

At the moment, there are a total of 11 Classes playable on WoW, this is pretty impressive and gives the player a heap of choice of how they intend to play. Due to the fact that there's 11 Classes to write about, that a lot of you reading this will have already played WoW and know the classes already and just because I'm having a lazy day today, I'm not going into to much detail with these, so it'll be brief.

  • Warrior - Tank and Melee Damage Dealer
  • Paladin - Melee and Light Magic Damage, Tank and Healing
  • Hunter - Ranged Damage Dealer with a Minion Pet
  • Rogue - Melee Close Ranged Damage with lethal Stealth
  • Priest - Ranged Magic and Healing Spells
  • Death Knight - Tank and Melee Damage Dealer
  • Shaman - Hybrid of Magic and Melee DPS as well as Healing
  • Mage - Pure Ranged Magic Dealer
  • Warlock - Dark Magic Dealer with a Minion Pet
  • Monk - Hybrid of Tanking, Healing and Melee Damage
  • Druid - Hybrid of almost Everything! Tanking, Healing, Magic and Melee Damage

Elder Scrolls Online Classes

Compared to WoW, there are currently only 4 Classes due to be playable upon release. Who knows if there will be more added in the future, but considering that the developers are big on 'Play how you want to play' and the fact that eventually your able to unlock all skills on your character if you play long enough, then who needs multiple classes if you have all that you need already on your first one? Only time will tell if ESO's Class system is really as unique and customizable as they've been making out, or will we be wanting to re roll a new character in a few weeks time?

  • Templar - Knights of the Light, this powerful group of warriors call upon the power of the light to enable them to smite their enemies in battle as well as heal themselves and their allies with their legendary restoration spells. They have the skills to be a hybrid of all skill classes whether it be DPS, Tanking or Healing. As they have the best Healing spells in the game at their disposal, it seems to me that they may be the hardest to beat in solo PvP. Talent Trees - Aedric Spear: Aggressive spells that can Stun and Interrupt, Dawn's Wrath: Debuffing to weaken the enemy and Restoring Light: Protection and healing for themselves and their allies.
  • Dragon Knight - The Dragon Knight's are high damage dealers who possess the knowledge of the ancient Akaviri martial art battle-spirit. With this magic and their choice of strong armor and awesome weaponry choices, DK's are one force you won't want to be crossing blades with. DK's have a strong choice of talents, stuns and DPS skills which means they'll be good for melee, ranged or stealth characters. Talent Trees -Ardent Flame: Possesses Fire damage and Stuns, Draconic Power: Improved Tanking abilities and protection and Earthen Heart: Which combines extra abilities for Protection, Health and Damage.
  • Sorcerer - From the name you guessed right, these are the mages/magic dealers within Elder Scrolls Online. Sorcerer's have nearly all magic spells open to them which consists of Destruction, Summons and Protection, so these wizard type characters will be able to defend themselves just as good as the damage they can put out. Lets not forget, Sorcerer's won't be as squishy as Mage's are in WoW due to the fact that they can wear any type of Armor and wield any type of weapon not just cloth clothing and staff! Talent Trees - Dark Magic: Control and Stun enemies as wells as DPS, Daedric Summoning: Summon a minion to attack/defend for you and then Storm Calling: Opens up the Sorcerer to Lightning Spells which are more powerful than the normal fire/frost talents.
  • Nightblade - The Nightblade's are just as cool as they sound, yet even more lethal if they get the chance to sneak up behind you and perform their quick deathly blows. Said to be the most dangerous players to wield a bow or a set of daggers, especially as they will be able to perform the best sneak attacks in the game. They sound perfect for anyone who loves going behind enemy lines in PvP! Talent Trees - Assassination: Aggressive damage dealing, Shadow: Maximize stealth and hidden attacks and Siphoning: Damage over time and self healing included.

So, what's it going to be? If you've played WoW before then you've probably got a good idea what Class your going to be playing (at least first) - Let us know which Class and Skill set you've got your eyes on!

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