ESO Gets It's ESRB Age Rating Confirmed - Good or Bad?

The ESRB - Entertainment Software Rating Board has rated The Elder Scrolls Online an M for Mature which means "content generally suitable for ages 17 and up" much to the disappointment of the game developers Bethesda and ZeniMax.Elder Scrolls Online has confirmed this on their Facebook page saying they're not going to challenge the decision, although they didn't make any effort to hide their disapproval saying they "disagree with the determination".

Being an M rated game means their potential audience may have shrunk. They've also said they won't be changing any of the content just to get a different rating.

In all fairness, M is quite a high rating for an MMO with World of Warcraft and Star Wars both loving their Ts which stand for Teen and is suitable for audiences as young as 13.The precise reason why it was given an M remains unclear as it doesn't appear on The ESRBs website yet.In conclusion, hats off to Zenimax for sticking to the original plan. The last thing anyone of us wants is a censored game just for the sake of a lower rating.

Looking at it from a different angle, fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise (like me) will be delighted that ESO will have the same tone and ambience as Oblivion and Skyrim as both are rated M too. And that my friends can only be a good thing.

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