Guide to ESO for New MMO Recruits

Are you a fresh gaming coming to the MMO scene to check out and possible play ESO? If so, this summary will help you on your way and get you up to date with the basics!

Elder Scrolls Online would be launched officially on April 4th 2014 for the computer users and for consoles in June. Elder Scrolls Online can be called a perfect MMORPG in which you can create various groups with other players and also chat through a basic chat window, which is provided at the bottom left of the game screen.

The game is superbly captivating and would definitely make you immersed into the game play which revolves in a world of rich culture and history; giving you the control of the character that has a huge role in the change! In terms of the game play, Elder Scrolls Online has a lot of similarity in the directional tools to the Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim and the map is very much similar to the Elder Scrolls IV, Oblivion.

The best part about the game is that even newbies can play the game with much comfort. Inside the game, you can create your own armor, weapons, craft food and potions too. Similar to the previous Elder scrolls game, you would play a role of a prisoner and would start as a dead husk in Coldharbour. Once the game starts, the game play would make you habituated to it by putting you in a sort of introductory town and you would have to do low level easy quests and you would ease yourself and be comfortable in the game. Gradually the game’s difficulty level and complexity increases.

The introductory town where you would start will be the one province which is linked to the faction assigned to you. You would experience that each province will possess its own culture and also that they have their customized architecture and political system which would sound new to even accustomed long time players. As the previous legendary games in this series, this version also possesses stunning graphics and mind blowing visuals. Though, the load screen takes time to come up, this time you would be fully immersed in the stunning art that you would experience while you play the game.

The dialogues which come up in the game are good by one aspect but sometimes, they are glitchy as you would be stuck on the dialogue screen and would not be able to exit from it. This glitch is faced by the test users and we seriously hope this would be rectified once the game is launched and we all are very excited to play it!

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