Happy New Year Adventurers!

I would like to wish everyone who's taken part in ESOHut, whether it be the Blog or Forums a very Happy New Year indeed! I honestly can't believe that it's been 9 months since I started on this venture with ESOHut, it's flown by so fast and it's great to see our little community of members growing a little each week. This will help us have a better head start in regards to fan site popularity once the game is released. Oh and that reminds me...

We can now say that Elder Scrolls Online gets released this year!!! And it's nearly only 3 months away :D I've been working on some other cool features, as well as ESOHut, that will be ready to launch upon ESO's release. I can't say much about them until the game is officially launched, but let's just say that you may find my resources very useful once you get in game ;-) Well, I must go... Lot's to do and prepare and lot's more coding to be done on these secret features. So I bid you all a farewell and hope your all having some great Happy Holidays!

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