How to Become a Werewolf

In Elder Scrolls Online a werewolf is a character level modification that allows the character player to attain powers and special abilities similar to that of a werewolf. The werewolf alteration allows player to enhance their ability of player to player combat and skillsets.

To become a werewolf a character player has to be injected with Lycanthrophy. It is the contaminants that turn a payer into a werewolf. To gain this ability one must be bitten from a non player character werewolf to trigger and transmit the infection. So in order to find a werewolf one must wait till sundown and in Elder scrolls the night time is reduced to one and an hour, so it is no easy task.

Some players have identified the infectious werewolves to be black in color and travelling in packs of two showing high levels of power. Lyncanthrophy features, such an illness that a damage from a non player character can steer to unlocking the Hircines Gift quest, the dwindling of the sanies lupine. Contraction appears active in effect (buff) bar cunningly. You can use Songamdir, you have to prove your worth to Hiricines by collecting tribute in order to transform into a werewolf, and to accept you, to kill a worthy beast that is worth for joining the pack. The mini instance is dwelling with critters and beasts, but to kill a troll is a real achievement. After killing the troll, the pack will accept you. The completion of the mission results in achieving transformation of the player into a werewolf. During the Hiricines quest a player has the choice to visit a priest in order to remove the infections as dictated by a dialogue choice. The bloodmoon assists the infected players in gaining weekly doses of lycanthrophy. And if a player chooses he can share the transmission of the infections orderly with other players at a price or just goodwill.

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