How to Become Emperor in Elder Scrolls Online

In an age driven by advancement, technology offers a new distinction of gaming. Elder Scrolls is an online multiple role-playing action game that offers a wide extent of features from a highly complex game structure to strategic deployment in its nature. Elder Scrolls is a framework of fantasy world gaming that includes battles and beasts to magic and witchcraft in its mist.

A fantasy world set as Tamriel, a character player has to define its play through different levels of accessing a role in the game. Each level signifies advancement in the character players experience and with time achieving specific goals make him stronger in the game. Emperor is the highest level a character player could achieve in this game. An emperor has a powerful skillset of strategies and powers that gives him utter dominance over other players but to achieve this level is no simple task. This article will help you to find out who is emperor and how to get this amazing status.

Emperor: Lore

Emperor is a ruler of Tamriel. It’s the most important person in the game. Three factions are fighting against each other for the Imperial City and for Ruby Throne to crown their own emperor. The reason is because the continent is in war, Daedric invasion is going to ruin the world and only strong Emperor can change the situation. Each faction has great candidates to crown but only one will get this amazing status.

How to become Emperor?

The most sought out way to attain the title of emperor is Player to Player single combat set in Cyrodiil which is located in Alliance War zone but in order to access the war zone, one must be above level 10. Emperor is not a PvE status, you can’t become Emperor by killing mobs and visiting dungeons. A player can become Emperor through PvP only. You can be crowned only by participating in alliance war in Cyrodiil.

But you must not just participate. To achieve the title of Emperor, your faction has to seize all 6 keeps surrounding the Imperial City, a rating system will later announce the emperor based on the highest Faction rating attained by each character player.

As you probably know each campaign in Elder Scrolls Online has faction leaderboard where you can see top 100 players of the campaign. The scoring of each player depends on his impact into the war. Only the highest ranking player of the faction can become Emperor.

What does it mean? Well, this means you will have to PvP a lot in order to have chances to become Emperor. The competition for this status is strong. Only one player of all 3 factions can be an Emperor. Only One! Just imagine. The challenge is really difficult. I believe you will have to spend a lot of hours in Cyrodiil :)

But all your efforts may not bring any result if you are a member of weak alliance. Do you remember that your alliance must take under control all 6 keeps around Cyrodiil? It’s impossible to do it without strong support of your allies. If your faction is weak the goal to control 6 keeps is almost impossible to achieve because your faction has to fight against 2 other factions simultaneously.

I also believe that it’s almost impossible to become Emperor without support of a strong guild. If you belong to strong PvP guild your chances to get this status are much higher than if you play alone. That’s because of discipline and organization. An organized group of players (guild) can capture keeps much faster. It’s very important because if the siege is fast enemies don’t have time to regroup and defeat you.


  • PvP a lot
  • Join PvP guild
  • Try to reach the top of leaderboard

The goal of becoming an Emperor is very difficult and it becomes even more difficult in the middle of a campaign. Each campaign in ESO lasts for 90 days (if I am not mistaken) . Your chances to achieve top of the leaderboard in the middle of a campaign are very low. To be honest it’s almost impossible. It’s better to wait until the end of this campaign in order to show all your skills in the next one. When a new campaign begins all players have equal chances because the leaderboard is empty. And it’s time for you to act.

Benefits of Being Emperor

Once a character player becomes an emperor, he obtains a unique skill set of 5 passive abilities. These powers make them dominant and unmatched in their rule and claim their usefulness when fighting a battle and assisting other players. Most abilities are passive and increase stats of the Emperor and speed of regeneration of his powers. With this set of skills a player becomes almost unbeatable. Emperor becomes the most powerful force on the battlefield.

An emperor when chosen is assigned a unique costume which matches their regions. Each emperor has own different costume which they could design but should not be against the colors of their stations. Some people think that an Emperor gets unique set of armor, but it’s not the truth. A costume is not an armor set. Costume allows to change appearance without adding new extra powers or stats. Though there is no Emperor Armor set in ESO, the costume is also great and unique.

How do you lose Emperorship?

Other alliance can dethrone current emperor by rampaging on the 6 keeps around Imperial City. If all 6 keeps are taken by other alliance – your emperorship will be lost and other emperor will be crowned. You will also lose Emperorship if you change your home campaign. If you set up other campaign as your “home” the Emperor status will be lost.

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