New Beta Session Friday 28th Feb + 2 Beta Keys To Give Away

The Elder Scrolls Online team have been flying out new beta invite emails yesterday and today for their latest and biggest testing session. Due to commence on Friday 28th February 12:00pm EST and end on Sunday 2nd March 11:59pm EST.

Extras you should know about this Beta Event

  • If you've played in the latest Beta event before this then your character will be waiting for you with the same progress and level that you left him/her.
  • If you got one of the Beta emails yourself, you will have gotten an extra Beta Key to give to a friend.
  • Exclusive Item on Launch: As a thank you for participating in this Beta, Bethesda is going to give every player an exclusive vanity pet Monkey!
  • NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) for sharing Screenshots, Videos and Livestream will be lifted for this Beta, so you will legally be able to share any of the great things you find within Tamriel!

"For this beta, you are no longer required to follow a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA). We invite you to post your best screenshots, videos, and impressions this weekend, and livestream your adventures for everyone to see."

This weekend's test is to check the capability of the Megaserver, to see how well it responds with a huge amount of players in the game at one time. Especially with how it scales out players and splits them between 'channels'. So be prepared for a ton of people to be in the starting area, especially considering that everyone gets an extra beta key this time to share with a friend. If you were in the previous Beta then you'll get a head start by carrying on with your previous characters - result!


If your unlucky enough to not of gotten into any of the Beta's yet and don't have a friend who can share their friend key with you, then fear not as we have 2 friend keys that are un-used and ready to share! To be in the chance to receive one of our 2 Beta Keys for the Elder Scrolls Online for the Friday 28th February 2014 Weekend beta session, leave us a comment below and we will pick 2 people at random and email you a key before the event starts. Good luck!

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