Playstation Plus Network Not Required to Play Elder Scrolls Online!‏

We reported a little while ago that the games bosses were in talks with Sony Playstation and Microsoft regarding a couple of dirty words in MMO gaming circles, Playstation Plus and Xbox Live. We can now report that Sony has decided to drop the PP charge for ESO gamers. "PS4 gamers will only be required to pay the same monthly subscription as PC and Mac users - nothing more" game director Matt Frior said on the Playstation Blog.

Paying these charges on console means first forking out for the game itself (exact price tba), then forking out for the monthly subscription which is $14.99 and then forking out $49.99 for PP or XBL. That's too many forks! Bethesda have said they're "pushing" Microsoft to drop the XBL charge for ESO gamers.

We suspect they will now that Playstation have. It's probably worth mentioning that the first month's subscription will be included when the game is first purchased (which feels like a couple of days to MMO gamers) after which you'll need to pay $14.99 to continue playing. Good on you Sony!

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