Pre Order Packages + Bonuses Announced!

Zenimax has recently announced that it is to offer perks to it's early bird fans who wish to order their copy of the game in advance! We all know the saying "the early bird catches the worm", but with a whole new playable race on offer, bonus armor, weapons and goodies as well as up to 5 days early access to the game? Elder Scrolls Pre Order bonuses are going all out! Here's a run down of all the packages available to Buy/PreOrder - Please note: Some of the prices will make your eyes water!

Retail Imperial Edition

First up we have the Retail Imperial Edition, this includes:
  • A 12" Statue of Molag Bal
  • 224 Page Illustrated Guide to Tamriel
  • Premium Printed Detailed Map of Tamriel
  • Collectors Edition Style Steel-Book Packaging.
  • Play as the Imperial Race
  • White Imperial Horse Mount
  • MudCrab Vanity Pet
  • Imperial Only Weapons/Armor
  • A Set of Rings of Mara
  • Early Access to the Game

Retail Imperial Edition Main Features - You'll get to play the unexpected Race; The Imperials (more on them in the coming article - watch this space) briefly, being an Imperial means you'll be able to play with any Class in any Alliance and lets you collect unique bonuses, crafting styles, items and more which are only available to Imperials.

You'll also get to summon a White Imperial Horse, this'll make travelling around the map a doddle, although there will also be certain 'fast travel' points throughout the map as well. A Mud Crab vanity pet, basically a pet that follows you around, not sure how useful that'll be, but still, it's a little extra. Lastly you'll get some in game armor items 'The Rings of Mara', there is a ritual you'll have to perform with a friend which earns you both extra XP and other bonuses when you play together. The biggest thing on offer (in my humble opinion and the biggest selling point) is the early access you're going to get with all versions of the game as long as you pre order (pc/mac).

A whole 5 days early with the Imperial Version, and 3 days early with the Standard game edition. In short, depending on which packaged you've pre-ordered, you could be playing from the 30th March! While the release date is 04.04.14. How much for all this I hear you ask. Take a seat if you're standing because the Imperial Physical Edition will set you back a whopping $99.99 or £89.99. Although, considering you get the Statue and other physical items, I still think it'll be a very popular choice for a lot of fans.

Digital Imperial Edition

The Imperial Edition also comes as a Digital Download package. The digital version will include the same bonuses as the physical one above, apart from actually getting the physical stuff... So no Statue, no map and no book and no collectors edition case. But all of the In game goodies, extras and bonuses you'll still receive! The price for this a more reasonable $79.99 or £69.99.

Digital Standard Edition

The Standard Physical and Digital versions of Elder Scrolls Online will be $59.99 or £49.99. While PS4 and Xbox One will be $59.99 and £59.99. These Editions will only get special bonuses if Per Orders - which is the Explorers Pack below.

Wait, There's More - Extra Bonus for ALL Pre Orders All versions, including the standard ones (if pre ordered) also include:The Explorer's Pack. This includes:

  • 4 Bonus Treasure Maps - That will guide you to find Rare loot.
  • The ability to choose you're Alliance regardless of what your Race is.
  • The Scuttler (a tiny pet that follows you around).
  • And the 5 Day/3 Day Early Access
Plus your first 30 days play is included whenever you buy the game.

Anything Else?

Don't forget to add the monthly subscription to all of these packages which is $14.99 or £8.99 respectivley after your first month is over (plus the Xbox Live charge if you're going to play on the Xbox One or Free on PSN). So in the first couple of months playing, this is one pretty expensive game. Which brings me nicely onto my final and perhaps most important point, is it worth it and will you be paying to play? It's a tough question to answer, but I really do believe this will take off and the price won't matter. The graphics are stunning, the environment looks deep and rich, the characters are fully voiced and the general feel of the game is like no other available. Trust me - it's worth it! In fact this game is so good that it's going to be arguably the best MMO, in every aspect, and it's already in the line up to receive some of the top gaming awards out there - even more so than WoW. Let me know what you guys think, WoW and TES fans, we'd love to hear from you.

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