Voices of Tamriel - Voice Actors Announced

Look who has joined the party - A-List voice cast revealed by developers! Bethesda has partially revealed the voice acting line up and caused a huge stir among gamers. A few days ago developers Bethesda released a video entitled The Voices of Tamriel (below) and yes you've guessed right, it features interviews from carefully selected actors from the game (mainly the A-Lister's) who talk about the characters they voice in the game. Predictably, the developers opted for big British accents which we've all come to expect, especially in the fantasy genre be it a video game or a movie, we can't seem to get enough of them and they seem to fit the role perfectly with those old fashioned husky voices.

John Cleese provides comic relief with the voice of Caldwell, an old man you'll encounter quite early in the game.

Sir Michael Gambon (Professor Dumbledore) voices The Prophet, who guides you throughout your journey.

The gorgeous Kate Beckinsale hangs up her corset (Van Helsing and Underworld) to play the pompous Queen Ayrenn.

Alfred Molina Dr Octavius from Spiderman 2 joins the team with the voice of Abnur Tharn an NPC (non-player character) who is an old wizard and is also the Chancellor of the Elder Council.

Malcom McDowell lends his fantastic villainous voice for the main antagonist of the game Molag Bol.

Lynda Carter the Wonder Woman rejoins the Voice team after previously acting for Characters in the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion,this time to play the part as Azur.

Bill Nighy the England born star who has been in a ton of major films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Love Actually and Wrath of the Titans. His epic voice is a perfect edition to the cast.

Others talents include Peter Stormare (Hansel and Gretel) who plays Jorunn The Skald King, veteran voice actor Jim Ward is Mannimarco, while Kevin Micheal Richardson plays Sai Sahan and finally voice acting legend Jennifer Hale is playing the character of Lyris Titanborn.

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