Who Will You Play? Aldmeri Dominion & Their Races

The Aldermi Dominion was formed when the High Elves of Summerset heard that the Imperial City had been taken under control by the Human Supporters of Molag Bal. The High Elves spread word of this betrayal through their lands to their Allies the Wood Elves and Khajiit attempting to forge a mighty Alliance which in turn could prevent any more disasters throughout the world and one day take back their ancestors home: the Imperial City.

Faction Mission

We wish to create a new stable government and return the Second Empire back to Tamriel. We wish to reclaim the Imperial City and Ruby Throne as our own, it was made by our Ancestors so by right it now belongs to us!

Queen Ayrenn

As honorable as she is intelligent, Queen Ayrenn is one of the youngest leaders in Tamriel at this present time at only 28 years old. However, don't let that put you off her as she is a decisive leader but can be quite stubborn when it comes to actions. The Queens Speech - "Today we make our stand. Today we take back the Ruby Throne, which is ours by ancient right and the Blessings of the Divines. Stand with us!"

High Elves

The High Elves have lived in Tamriel for thousands of years, ever since they came to the continent from High Aldmeris. They see themselves as the greatest race in Tamriel and their language is one of the widest spoken throughout the lands. They are highly fond of history, architecture and above all the use of magic.

Wood Elves

The Wood Elves, also known as the Bosmer, call Valenwood their home, a think dense forest which has lead the Wood Elves to expertise their skills in Archery, Sneakery and Thievery. They are the masters of stealth and from a young age their guardians train them in these deadly arts out in the open forest where they learn to defend themselves from creatures as will as hunt them. Colovian Imperials often try to attack the Wood Elves as their home land includes the Elden Root: a powerful city in which politics and strategies have bwen governed for many a year. However, due to elves skills, most of the these intruders meet a deadly end.


The Khajiit stand strong at the front line of every Aldmeri battle. They are a strong, brave feline race who have an extraordinary way with blades and swords. Unfortunately, the Khajiit has seen a huge decline in their race due to a deadly out break of Knahaten Flu, this plagued the Khajiit's former homes until Queen Ayrenn took the Khajiit under her wing to save their race from extinction. Now their numbers are strengthening, they owe their lives to their Queen and they all stay loyal to her for the rest of time.

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