Who Will You Play? Daggerfall Covenant & Their Races

The Daggerfall Covenant is in control of the Northwest Tamriel region and is made up of the Bretons, Orcs and Redguards. A highly powerful force of warriors and blood seekers who all share the same passion of gold and power. They see great things happening under the control of their King and will fight fearlessly to take back the Ruby Throne.

Faction Mission

One land, One Emperor. Who among you will stand and fight?

High King Emeric

The current King of High Rock where he governs from his faction from within the city of Wayrest. He is a strong and powerful merchant lord who is well known for trading throughout the entire continent. Kings Speech - "Our supplies dwindle, our trade roots shut down. Our people suffer. Why? Because a pretender sits upon the Ruby throne. Let us take up arms!" The High King wants nothing more than to take over the Imperial City to finally be in control of the Economy and trade districts, all to make a pretty profit for his Alliance of course.


The Breton race live up on the High Rock outskirts of the Dafferfall Covenant territories. Many years ago, they were ruled over by the High Elves. As the High Elves were heavily into magic, they passed some of their skills over to the Breton's, meaning that Breton's have the edge over all other human races when it comes to practicing with magical elements. They master in Craftsmanship, Magic, Cavaliering and Trade, meaning they are well skilled in many aspects.


RedGuard's are one of the top athletic races within the Elder Scrolls series, living in Hammerfell in a harsh desert like environment just as their ancestors did. They have learnt to put dignity and honor about all they do, while practicing religion towards the Divine. All RedGuard's are put through the harsh rite of passage before they turn into adulthood, which tests their strength and endurance within the desert... only their strongest kin survive.


Orc's are far from vicious unintelligent beasts which folk story normally betrays them as. They are honorable, strong and noble warriors with a passion for their weapons and armor - they see their battle possessions as an extension to themselves. Their home land Orsinium was finally granted provincial status during the Second Empire, which lead them to allying with the Daggerfall Covenant and have been serving with them ever since as the back bone of their army.

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