Who Will You Play? EbonHeart Pact & Their Races

The EbonHeart Pact has a lot of history and their Alliance of the three Races is quite unusual in respect to the fact that the Dark Elves originally enslaved the Argonians thousands of years ago. It was only during the Akaviri Invasion that forced them to work together in order for both Races to survive, now they plan to defeat the Empire altogether and independently run their territory outside of Cyrodil's control and laws. The combined forced of these 3 races make the EbonHeart Pact an unusually powerful force to reckon with.

Faction Mission

We are EbonHeart. We are as one. And by this, our Victory is assured!

Jorunn The Skald King

Jorunn is the acting King of Eastern Skyrim and the Great Moot. Although he has a strong will to succeed and lead his people to peace and victory, as he is only the acting King, any decision he makes within the Kingdom must first be put forward to all three Races in a government style tradition called The Great Moot.


The Argonian's are well skilled in Magic, Stealth and the use of Blades. Due to their long history of protecting their borders from invasion, the Argonians have excessive skills in scouting and guerrilla warfare. Making them skilled yet deadly stealth killers that use the cover of their lands to their own advantage.


The Nord's are well known for their mastery in arms and so are at the front line of any EbonHeart Pact battle. Their history of their ancestors conquering a huge percentage of Tamriel fuel them as Warrior's in an attempt to do it all again, this time in an attempt to make the EbonHeart Pact rule the entire world of Cyrodill. Nord's are among the bravest and natural born Warriors that you could ever wish to face.

Dark Elf

Due to the Dark Elves homeland of Morrowind being invaded by the Nords and Akaviri in recent years, they have learnt how to defend themselves to a high skill as well as learning the use of armed weapons and magic to aid them in battle and defense. Dark Elves are also known as Dunmer.

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