World of Warcraft Expansion to be released just before Elder Scrolls Online

If your already a WoW player, you'll know that the 5th expansion for the most popular and subscribed MMO of all time is due out in March this year. Warlords of Draenor is due to add a heap of extra content to its current virtual world as well as give players some more needed activities, which quite a bit of it is tailored for maxed out characters to keep them subscribed month after month. Elder Scrolls Online already has a large fan base of its own due to its 20 year reign in the gaming Industry. Although, there's no doubt that it's going to try and gain some of WoW's player base, especially to convert those players who are bored of Blizzards 10 year reign in the MMO industry and want to try a fresh new game world. This isn't a bad thing, it's natural and all of these other MMOs out there will and have tried to give WoW a run for its money.

The only problem is, this latest expansion is due to be released only a week or two before Elder Scrolls, so any players from WoW who were hoping on moving to ESO will most likely stay put to try out the all of the extra things on offer. After all, if you've spent weeks or months on your character then you wouldn't want to give him/her up so easily would you?

The question to ask is, will the expansion bring anything thats exciting to keep WoW players on WoW and not let them slip away to ESO? Let's see what this expansion will bring: - Level Cap Increase from 90 to 100 - New World: Draenor - Stats Removal of Hit, Expertise, Dodge and Parry - Updated Character Models - Updated Graphics in some pre-existing Instances - Seven New Instances - Player Owned Garrisons, in which a player can control a certain amount of NPCs who can go out into the world and quest on behalf of the player. - Adventurer's Guide: An additional UI interface can help to suggest what to do each day and what you might like to do based on your character's gear, level and story line progression. - New Raid Level Structure - Updated PvP System and Rewards - 2 New PvP Battlegrounds - 10 Confirmed New Mob Species - Free Level 90 for all players.

This can be a complete new character or the ability to upgrade an existing character to level 90. This isn't everything, but all of the main features are here and to be honest, it's the most Ive ever seen out of all the other previous expansions. It's surely going to keep WoWs player base subscribed to them for longer... But for how long?   So should Bethesda and ZeniMax be worried? In all honestly, not really. ESO has their own fan base due to the success of the previous Elder Scrolls games, so there are already millions of people behind Bethesda anxiously waiting to play. Both games have their own advantages, yet I feel that ESO has a much bigger selling point due to being created later and hence the amazing graphical content that it holds.

Due to my NDA from the Beta I can't give away to much info, but the amount of detail in Elder Scrolls Online is amazingly high, add this to a massive quest, item and dungeon portfolio, an intense new PvP style and a fully voice acted NPC/quest text system - I believe that ESO will surely stand it's ground taking its first steps into the MMO environment.

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