Questions & Answers

Yes, it's another week again and another week closer to the release of ESO! It's that time for the Question of the Week and this time it's something really hard to think up an answer!
David Zeb Cook, a Content Designer for ZeniMax Online studios is here to ask us this week's mysteriously exciting question of the week!
Joe Lopatta presents this Weeks Developer Question of the Week - He is a Figure Art Intern within the team. His question is all about the Elder Scrolls series in general and where it all began for you...
Another week... Another question for you guys! Brandon Van Haren, design intern at ZeniMax has this weeks Developer Question of the week.
Justin Emminizer, a Senior QA Tester for ZeniMax Online is here to give us this weeks developer question of the week.
Rosemarie Ryan, the Global Training Manager of ZeniMax Studios Ireland asks this weeks question
Another week has passed and the Elder Scrolls Online team have another question for us! Will Brall, a Senior Web Developer at ZeniMaz Online has asked us this question

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